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Chief Marketing Officer  /  Art Director


During 6 hard-working years in the field of Creation and Marketing, I have obtained huge opportunity to work as Art Director, Planner, Digital Marketing for prestigious advertising agencies such as batdongsan.com.vn, Brandon Media and TED SAIGON School of the Arts. I also worked in international competition management and branding for prominent universities (The Juilliard School - USA, Lee University - USA, National Taiwan University - Taiwan, Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music).
Throughout my experience, I always strive to create a breakthrough in marketing activities, thanks to the harmonious combination of strategy, implementation and marketing tools, along with elegant, beautiful visual identity. Join me to make our creation different and effective.

Name:                   Henry (Hà Quang Đạt)
Email:                    hadat1411@gmail.com
Date of birth:       25 November 1990
Phone:                  0935 319 400

Professional ​info

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Basic WordPress knowledge

Basic HTML knowledge

Proficient in basic marketing tools

Online CRM Marketing (Email / SMS Marketing, Database Development strategy, ...)

Orientation for digital marketing plans (Viral campaign, online media campaign, social marketing campaign, banner ads, microsite ideas...)

Product & market analysis

Progress & campaign result reporting

Channel & deployment cost setup

Marketing strategies planning & development

Nguyen Tat Thanh University      BA, Multimedia Design

- English & Vietnamese

2012 - 2016

Good communication

Education & Languages










Video recording

Product photography

Content direction

Key visual design

Packaging design

Publications Printing

Outdoor advertising design

Website design

Social media content

Brand analysis

Exploration of target customer insight

Direction for industry strategy

Building brand personality

6P-standard positioning

Building Media Plan

Developing Communication Assets

Orientation on activities at sale places 

MS Office

Mac OS 



Simple Facebook 

Auto Viral Content 

Simple Zalo

Simple Account 

Keyword Planner 

Google Trends 

Google Analytics 


(2 years)

(2 years)

(2 years)

(2 years)

(2 years)

(2 years)

(2 years)

(2 years)

(2 years)

(8 years)

(10+ years)

(10+ years)





Adobe XD

Premiere Pro 

After Effects


Media Encoder


Davinci Desolve 


(6 years)

(7 years)

(5 years)

(4 years)

(2 years)

(1 years)

(4 years)

(2 years)

(4 years)

(4 years)

(4 years)

(2 years)

RENE ( Best Sales )

Viva White ( Best Sales )

Viva Lash Twin ( Best Sales )

Dr.Therapy ( Best Sales )

Deploy SEO / SEM and PPC tools

Art Education

School Of The Arts

08 / 2017 - 02 / 2019

1 yr 7 mos

Employment History

Creative Director - Full time

Senior Digital Marketing - Full time

Design Specialist - Full time

Marketing Specialist - Full time

Media Agency

Brandon Media

03 / 2013 - 03 / 2015

2 yrs 1 mos

Real Estale

PropertyGuru Viet Nam

10 / 2018 - 12 / 2019

1 yr 2 mos

Deployed to the investors

( Media - PR - Lead Genneration - IMC )

Branding Projects / Products

Branding through Marketing plans & programs for projects

Coordinate the production of all brand publications (POSM) and Marketing materials; create framework & brand guideline for investors to apply

Implementing specific marketing strategies for each project and product

Prepare, implement & follow a detailed plan of Marketing campaigns for each specific project

Collaborate with Sales, After Sales & Customer Service Department, exploit the quantity and quality of new customers through developing incentive programs

Manage advertising agencies to develop and implement most cost-effective BTL ad forms, especially in the fields of POSM, event management, consulting, digital...

Evaluate Marketing performance, propose solutions to improve when something goes wrong

Build data on reputable service providers

Developing Digital Marketing activities to achieve sale targets

Build and manage effective digital channels: relevant Landing Pages & social networks

Follow and optimize digital advertising campaigns to attract potential customers

Managing campaign budgets

Keep track of marketing activities budgets, make sure it's budgeted properly

Coordinating and developing the team

Assign implementation tasks among team members, organize the performance monitoring 

Attend psychology testing and reporting sessions to improve teamwork methods

District 5, Ho Chi Minh City


Outstanding project

( Media - PR - Event )

District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Proposing ideas

Outline ideas, directions for evaluation and implementation

Build key concept

Design logo and complementary corporate identity elements

Analyzing briefs

Analyze expectation requirements

Survey and research of Enterprises, Markets, Consumers

Consulting and planning

Consult based on business requirements, expectations as well as market researches

Make a feasible, effective implementation plan to ensure the parties can work together closely on schedule


Design & orient brand guidelines with full specific details (colors, fonts, layouts, applications)

Direct and guide the Creative Team including Art Director, Graphic Designer (Illustrator) and Copywriter (Copywriter)

Supporting and consulting production

Create printing elements, produce Video/TVC and products attached to each campaign

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics


02 / 2015 - 06 / 2016

1 yr 5 mos

Products achieve outstanding sales

( Digital - PR - Products )

District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

Managing teamwork to implement Digital Marketing projects

Deploy internal implementation: Google Advertising, Youtube Advertising, Facebook Advertising, Fanpage Content Management, Website Content Management, Image / Video Design, Content

Manage outsourced work: Book PR - Press, banner, seeding...

Building Digital Marketing plans for campaigns

Develop digital marketing on websites and social media channels: Facebook, Youtube ...

Deploy online marketing (Google Ads, Facebook Ads ...), email marketing, mobile marketing

Evaluating and reporting

Evaluate digital marketing plans that will be implemented and after implementation

Summarize statistics reports, accumulate data by group of potential customers

Featured campaign

( Media - PR - Event )

Recording videos

Do recording, post-production of relevant videos in marketing activities, Brands & Com

District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Brainstorming ideas

Outline ideas, directions and compare with competitors

Photographing advertising photos

Brainstorm ideas for basic advertising photography, photoshoot and set up lighting, manage shooting project, work with vendors or coordinate team members


Design Digital Banners, Posters, Brochures, catalogues, profiles, Folders, envelopes, namecards... collectively known as Corporate Identity Package (C.I.P), 2D and 3D layout images... for communication channels such as Website, Facebook, Youtube, external B2B/B2C customers and internal communication customers


Monitoring the production of finished products (printing, processing) and other plans in case of using outsourced services (vendors / agencies)

 Moga ( PowerA)

Carrival ( Mobifone )

Wefie (Philips Viet Nam)

Mekonghoanhao.com ( Brandon Group )

Got Talent Artistic ( TedSaiGon )

LEE TRIO (LEE University USA)

Mat troi be con (VTV3)

Asia - Pacific Art . Sentosa ( Singapore )

Philadelphia International Music Festival ( USA )

Shining Red Concert ( Nhac Vien HCM )

Shining Journey ( TedSaiGon )

Asia - Pacific Art . Concert ( Taiwan College )

Asia - Pacific Art . Friendship ( Juilliard USA )

Cityland Park Hill ( City Land )

The Infiniti ( Riviera Point Ltd )

River Panorama ( An Gia ) 

Seaway ( Dia Oc Nha Tot )

Metro Star ( CT Group )

Levata ( MD Group )

The Sun City ( Apec Corp )

Sky 89 ( An Gia )

Phu My ( Bicosi Group )

Phu Cuong ( Phu Cuong Group )

Victoria Premium ( Hoang Quan Group )

Golden Queen ( BDS Dong Duong )








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